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No two clients are the same, and when we sit down with you to your free consultation, we can discuss where you are financially, the steps that led to you getting there, and the steps we will take to get you back to living life debt-free.

Here are common situations we discuss in initial consultations.

Credit Card Payments

If you’re scared to answer the phone just to hear the voice of another creditor or open another collection letter, we can help. We’ll help you understand the facts and develop a plan to eliminate your credit card debt, so that you can fearful to free from debt.

Mortgage Foreclosures

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage due to situations beyond your control, there is hope. We will give you options to stop the foreclosure and keep your home, or help you walk away on your own terms while saving money.

Business Restructuring

If you are dissolving a company or restructuring your business, don’t get run over by the banks or credit card companies. The Debt Doctors can help restructure debts to weather tough times and prepare you for financial success. We have experience with C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships.

Creditors Suing You

Do you have a judgment against you or are you being sued by a creditor? The Debt Doctors can stop any collection action TODAY. Let The Debt Doctors help you understand your rights in the Magistrates Court and/or Court of Common Pleas and avoid the possibility of creditors taking your property, freezing your bank account, or selling or placing liens on your personal property.

Tax Debts

You don’t have to keep struggling with interest payments, late fees, penalties or garnishments from a tax debt. We can help you avoid these frustrations and potentially eliminate tax debts that are over three years old and/or develop a payment plan for Federal, State and Local taxes.

Creditor Harassment

Like most bullies, your creditors are all talk. The trusted attorneys at The Debt Doctors can give you peace of mind by explaining your rights through the collections process and discussing your options.


Whether you are looking to stop a repossession, create a plan to keep your car/boat, lower payments, surrender a vehicle worth less than the payments, or eliminate consequences of a previous repossession The Debt Doctors will work with you to solve the problem.

Medical Bills

When you are recovering from an illness or injury, the last thing you need to worry about are unpaid medical bills. The added stress of these medical bills can even prolong your recovery. Let the attorneys at The Debt Doctors help you and your family through this tough time, lesson the burden of missed work, and help eliminate your medical bills.

Payday Loans

Break the cycle of borrowing from yourself and keep all of your hard earned money. The Debt Doctors attorneys will assess your financial situation and give you options for eliminating payday loans.

Utility Shutoffs

Let the trusted attorneys at The Debt Doctors help you deal with the utility companies, stop Utility shutoffs, eliminate past bills and give you the power to get a fresh start. We can even assist you with phone bills in addition to water, electric, and gas.

Call 1-877-DEBTDOX today to take the first step toward life after debt and schedule your free consultation.

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