Here are just a few testimonials from clients following their bankruptcy proceedings:

Just wanted to say thanks to the Debt Doctors team for everything that they helped me with and did for me. They did a lot for me, whatever I needed I contacted them and they always took care of it in a timely manner. I appreciate their time and effort for my case. You are great!

Presented with a personal situation in my life, I was unsure of how to financially maintain my home for my family. I was in the middle of a separation from my husband with my home having sentimental value to my son and grandson. I heard of the Debt Doctor so I gave them a call. Within a few days I had an appointment with Attorney Matt Herron. During the meeting there was professionalism and compassion displayed towards me. In addition, I left the meeting well informed of how the process was to move forward. I agreed to pursue the bankruptcy program. In a short period I heard from Matt that the bankruptcy had been filed and the process was moving along. During this entire process Matt and his staff have kept me informed and I was able to have peace of mind that my life again would be stable and I would be able to regain my financial stability. Matt alerted me of Loss Mitigation Program which he represented me in and was able to lower my monthly payments and continue to pay off my mortgage. I have appreciated the time and effort that was allotted to me during this difficult time in my life. It means the world to me that a complete stranger would assist me through the process allowing me to remain in my home with my boys. I would trust the Debt Doctor to assist anyone in a difficult financial situation.

I received the discharge papers in the mail and just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Although this is not what I wanted my last resort to be you made it a lot less painful then I thought it would be. I need to get over the disappointment I have with my self and move on which I will. I have learned a very valuable lesson the hard way but non the less I learned it. Thank you again and thank you most of all for helping me understand I am human and we make mistakes.

“Thank you so very much for everything!You saved us…you really did…I am glad we chose The Debt Doctors!”

“Donna and I were just talking yesterday about how much better off we are since the bankruptcy. We are making more money and saving money too. We would never have gotten out of that mess without you– we are forever grateful!”

“Thank you, Matt, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. We have a lot of things to be thankful for. What a difference a year makes. I was a wreck last year. Now all is well. Thanks again for helping though a difficult time last year.”

“Matt, thank you for all of your time and expert advice. We truly appreciate all you’ve done.”

“Tough decisions made easy with the right attorney – Matt Herron and the professionals at The Debt Doctors helped us make the tough decisions by giving us guidance and the compassion needed to make the right choices. He helped to restore our confidence and helped us gain back some of the dignity that we lost when we felt we had nowhere to turn. As we sat through the proceedings of the others going through the same things we were, I saw that their attorneys had not prepared them as Matt had prepared us. Thanks to Matt Herron and The Debt Doctors for helping to bring our family back to life … after debt.”

“Helped making a hard decision the right one. – Matt Herron is very professional and helpful. He answered any questions we had along the way and made a very hard decision worth it. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is considering bankruptcy. I also agree with the respect that was given to Matt by the judge was unmatched. It just goes to show his true professionalism. He made me feel that there is life after debt and there is.”

“Professionals – The Debt Doctors is definitely one of the better places in Pittsburgh to seek counsel when considering bankruptcy. The firm is friendly, professional and patient. Big or small they handle it all.”

“The Best in the Biz – The Debt Doctors made the whole process very easy. We had a lot of questions and they took the time to answer and explain. They took all the fears away during our time of need. They handled our case in a calm and professional manner. We knew we made right the decision from day one. It was re-affirmed the day we went to the proceedings and had to sit through other cases. The respect that was given to Matt by the judge compared to the others was like night and day. It seemed he knew who the pros were and who still belonged in the minors. I would like to say thanks again to Matt and the whole team at The Debt Doctors for giving us a fresh start.”

“Reassuring help through troubling times – It is hard to put into words how helpful Matt Herron from The Debt Doctors was throughout our bankruptcy. Competent and compassionate are two words that I would use describe him. Bankruptcy is not something that should be entered into lightly and after sitting through many proceedings and watching how other lawyers handled their cases I knew that I had made the correct choice. This is surely a low point in ones life and to know that the person representing you truly cares about you and the outcome of your case helps in coping with the situation.”

“I would highly recommend Matt and the very competent staff at The Debt Doctors to anybody that might find themselves in need of Bankruptcy protection.”

“I found out, there is life after debt… – From the minute I walked into the office, I felt at ease. After I met with the attorney, I immediately felt better. Thank you to all of the staff at the Debt Doctors for helping me through a tough time, and showing me there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I was reminded during the court proceedings, after watching how other laywers interacted with their clients that I had made the right choice working with you. I have already referred a co-worker, and will do so in the future.”

“Matt, As always, thank you for your guidance.  You have been extremely helpful throughout this entire process, and we appreciate it.  We have no doubt that we chose the right lawyer.”

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