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    From:  Alicia Holliday – Paralegal

    The Misconceptions, stereotypes and uncertainties involved with filing for bankruptcy are the three major reasons people do not consider this as an option for financial freedom. It is sort of an oxymoron to include financial freedom and bankruptcy in the same sentence, right?

    Believe it or not, while working with the Debt Doctors I hear those two words frequently from our clients.  Just today, we had a client randomly stop in to tell us how his father has had a financial breakthrough since finding The Debt Doctors. His father is now a different, more up beat person, and he was looking desperately for the same experience. He now wanted to experience his own financial freedom.

    Generally speaking, the best thing we can do when we are perplexed and uncertain about things is to do our research. I had no idea how constructive filing for bankruptcy can actually be! I became more educated on the subject as I began to witness the transformations in people’s lives personally. I’m convinced that there are more pros then cons than I initially presumed. Bankruptcy really gives our clients the ability to take more control of their finances.

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