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  1. Blue Jasmine: The Difference Between Living a Good Life and a Life That Only Looks Good

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    I recently watched the Oscar nominated film Blue Jasmine. In the film, the main character Jasmine French marries a very wealthy investment banker that ends up being a Madoff-esque fraud. Before Jasmine discovered that her husband was a fraud, she was living the typical life of a wealthy New Yorker, filled with clothing, jewelry, extravagant homes, and socialite friends who enjoyed all of the same luxuries. It looked like Jasmine had it all.

    The arc of the story centers around the time in Jasmine’s life after her wealth is taken away by the government and her husband commits suicide. As one would expect, this time in her life is difficult, as she has been shunned by her socialite friends and has no where to turn except for her very average sister. Throughout the story, Jasmine criticizes her sister about her blue-collar boyfriends and treats her as if she and her lifestyle are beneath her. Jasmine can’t let go of the fact that even though her old life was a fraud, she is somehow better than her sister. After some twists and turns, Jasmine’s sister finds herself and stops listening to Jasmine, moves in with her boyfriend ,then lives an average, happy life. Jasmine ends up on the street alone mumbling to herself and her fate is left undetermined.

    In counseling debtors through financial hardship for the last eleven years, I find it rewarding to help people in rebuilding their lives. Although it’s never easy to get through tough times, I find that best way to rebuild your life is:

    1. Accept your situation and responsibility for it, even if it’s not your fault, because you can only control your part in any situation.
    2. Avoid punishing yourself for your mistakes. To err is human and the only way to overcome our mistakes is to learn from them and move on.
    3. Be decisive. In a crisis you need to make decisions or they will be made for you.
    4. Always embrace the opportunity that comes with a life-changing event. Sometimes if we look at our situation objectively we can make changes that allow us to become more successful.
    5. Let go of people and things that drag you down. You’ll find you can live a better life if the things that define you can’t be taken away like family, good friends, your health and a positive outlook.

    Difficult times are part of everyone’s life. Don’t let them define you, face them head-on and start working toward a better future. Start living a good life today call The Debt Doctors at 1-877-332-8369 and we will put you on the right path.

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