Massive student loan debt forces millennials to prioritize other lifestyle choices

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Are they choosing the “hands-free” lifestyle, or is it just more cost effective?

The CNBC article linked below is an interesting read; not so much for what it says, but for what is not being said. Are the millennials really choosing the “hands-free” lifestyle, or is there no affordable alternative?

The truth is that massive amounts of student loan debt is forcing people (specifically the millennials) to have different priorities. They are choosing convenience, cost certainty, and quality of life over investing in real estate. Wouldn’t you be concerned if a large percentage of your wealth was tied up in an expensive house that requires a considerable amount of maintenance in the suburbs? This is a trend we believe will continue.  Student loans are the next mortgage bubble because student loan lenders do not care about credit; they just give the loans with as many co-signers as possible.

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