Protect Your Credit After Equifax’s Hack

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In lieu of Equifax’s breach, questions are spinning around whether victims should freeze their credit or sign up for the free credit monitoring Equifax is now offering.

Here’s our advice to keep you and your credit out of danger:

  1. Instead of paying for credit monitoring, monitor your credit by using your free credit reports from If you’ve already used your free report, buy a credit report directly from a reporting agency once every three months for the next year.
    • If you don’t want to pay for your credit reports, you can request an individual report every 120 days from one credit reporting agency. By staggering the credit reporting agency every 4 months, you can always have access to your credit for free. Example: Request from Trans Union today, 4 months from now: Equifax, 4 months later: Experian, etc.
  2. Though it is not required, if you want to be extremely cautious, freeze your credit. After one year if you do not have an issue, unfreeze it.
    *Please be advised that unfreezing your credit can be a frustrating and time consuming process*
  3. Do not accept the Equifax Free Credit Monitoring offer as it may affect your right to be a part of a class action lawsuit or sue directly.
  4. Do not accept any calls from Equifax. THEY WILL NOT CALL YOU. Scammers are already taking advantage of this window of scam-portunity!

If you have any questions or need additional information, request a free consultation or call 412.395.6001


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