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  1. When your car is in an accident

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    What happens when you are in an accident and you’re not hurt but your car is? Someone hits you from behind or goes through a light and side swipes your car ? The person’s insurance company pays for the damage. They give you a loaner and you are really happy to see your car whole […]

  2. When Your Financial World is Turned Upside Down

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    It is extremely stressful when your income is reduced or stops suddenly. You are forced to make tough, almost impossible, financial choices. Who do I pay? Who do I not pay? At Quatrini Rafferty, we know how difficult it is to make the right financial choices. Or, how critical it is for you to buy […]

  3. These are the principal Plaforms to seek Cheating at Roblox

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    For someone who has done Roblox level as for nothing more than events, that you will be well-conscious of the way addictive any of the sport could also be. At anytime the tiny chests pop up, information technology thinks seeing that whether the laborious take action has been value information technology in addition to the […]

  4. Think Before You Judge

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    I’m a bankruptcy attorney and I see stories like this every day. Money isn’t a gauge of a human worth and most of us are a lot closer to financial distress than you would think. I meet a lot of people who are smart and hard working who have tough times and for most of […]

  5. Building a Life Together

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    This week is an exciting week for my Associate Steve, he’s getting married. In preparation for this happy event, I started to think about some of my random thoughts on building a life with your spouse.   1. Work on Your Marriage I know this may offend many of you romantics out there, but in […]

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