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  1. Unpaid Student Loan Bills Can Cost You Your Job

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    A recent New York Times article is stirring up a frenzy. In records obtained by The New York Times, government agencies in 19 states are permitted to seize state-issued professional licenses from residents that default on their student loans. Meaning nurses, firemen, teachers, lawyers, etc. are at risk of losing their professional licenses should they […]

  2. Student Loans and Credit Cards

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    Is It Possible To Manage Both Credit Card & Student Loan Debt? Going off to college comes with new found financial freedoms, and for many students that means their first foray into a world of credit and debt. The Credit CARD Act of 2009 restricted students under the age of 21 to open a card […]

  3. Save For Retirement Now, Benefit Later

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    Start Your Retirement Investments Now to Better Your Financial Future When is the best time to start saving for retirement? The answer is simple: as soon as possible. But like most things in life, that is easier said than done. Given the job market, high student loan payments and other personal situations, the last thing young adults […]

  4. Student Loans & Their Effect On The Economy

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    This topic immediately strikes a chord and a lot of debate amongst the people in our country. The growing student loan debt in the U.S. has become a major concern. It’s at about $1.3 trillion today (that’s about double what it was in 2009 when Obama took office). Let’s take a closer look at the […]

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