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  1. Protect Your Credit After Equifax’s Hack

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    In lieu of Equifax’s breach, questions are spinning around whether victims should freeze their credit or sign up for the free credit monitoring Equifax is now offering. Here’s our advice to keep you and your credit out of danger: Instead of paying for credit monitoring, monitor your credit by using your free credit reports from If […]

  2. A Letter to Small Business Owners…

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    Dear Small Business Owner, Having been a small business owner myself, I have a passion for helping other entrepreneurs like me. Businesses are a puzzle that require finding the right mix of a good product(s)/service(s), finding the right people to work in the business, finding the right customers, and controlling your expenses to make a […]

  3. What Today’s Retirement Problems Mean for Millennials

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    Retirees today are finding it more and more difficult to live on their savings. Opinions differ on the cause and severity of this problem. PNC’s CEO William Demchak believes a major factor is the Federal Reserve’s refusal to raise interest rates. He believes this is placing a heavy financial burden on retirees, forcing them to […]

  4. The Debt Doctors to Join the Law Firm of Quatrini Rafferty

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    I am pleased to let you know that the Debt Doctors have joined the law firm of Quatrini Rafferty. Our new affiliation does not change anything.  You case will be handled the same.  Your  current payment plan will remain the same.  We will still practice under the name “the Debt Doctors”.   You will still […]

  5. Debt Collectors: Don’t Believe Everything They Say

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    This is a good view into how informal and in some case criminal the debt collection process is in America. Most people are afraid of Debt Collectors and their threats. What most people don’t realize is most of their threats have no basis. Additionally, a Debt Collectors worst nightmare is bankruptcy, because it can end […]

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