1. Savings: The Key to Financial Freedom and Building Wealth


    Saving money should be a financial priority for everyone. It’s the simplest way to build wealth. Money in the bank accrues interest, generating more wealth over time. This will help you navigate any financial issue, emergency, and retirement. However, the undeniable fact is that just...
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  2. Things Millennials Should Know About Credit Cards

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    Getting a credit card is a great way to start building credit, which is crucial for several important life decisions, including securing loans and getting the best insurance rates. Despite this fact, many Millennials are still foregoing credit cards all together—approximately 31% have never applied...
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  3. When Your Financial World is Turned Upside Down

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    It is extremely stressful when your income is reduced or stops suddenly. You are forced to make tough, almost impossible, financial choices. Who do I pay? Who do I not pay? At Quatrini Rafferty, we know how difficult it is to make the right financial...
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