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  1. Building a Life Together

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    This week is an exciting week for my Associate Steve, he’s getting married. In preparation for this happy event, I started to think about some of my random thoughts on building a life with your spouse.   1. Work on Your Marriage I know this may offend many of you romantics out there, but in […]

  2. Flowers and Foreclosure

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    Guest Post by Joseph David Wilcox A few years ago, I began writing a novel about a flower farmer who falls for the attorney foreclosing on his third-generation family farm. The idea for my book grew out of my curiosity about the lives of the guys who sell flowers on Pittsburgh street corners. I knew nothing […]

  3. What Do We Build Our Lives On?

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    When I started counseling people through financial troubles, I came to realize that material wealth (i.e. houses and cars) can actually be a burden that can keep people from living happy and fulfilling lives. I have seen many instances where my clients live in a million dollar prison because the cost of servicing the debt […]

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