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  1. Your Credit Card Payment Just Doubled. What Should You Do?

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    Paying off costly credit cards has never been easy. However, it is about to get harder. The Office of the Comptroller of Currency has begun pressuring credit card companies to raise monthly minimum payments from 2% to 4%. Most credit card companies are falling in line. So, what do you do if you are struggling […]

  2. Don’t Risk Your Home to Pay Off Your Debt

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    In most cases a Bankruptcy is a better alternative to a home equity loan to get rid of unsecured debt. In a bankruptcy, you can protect $18,450 per person in equity in your home and eliminate your unsecured debt. Unlike bankruptcy, if you get sick, lose your job or can’t make your equity loan payment […]

  3. Ask the Debt Doctor: Universal Default

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    I noticed on my last credit card statement that my interest rate had skyrocketed.  I pay the minimum payment on time each month, and when I called to question the bank that issued me the card, I was told that because I had been late on other bills, I was considered a higher risk and […]

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